Player Name WK1 WK2 WK3 WK4 WK5 WK6 WK7 WK8 WK9 WK10 WKS AVG

Platinum DIV

Lou Garcia5149250
Marc Mayer53153
Ronnie Denig5255253.5
Brian Vandermark5557256
Dave Kaminski57157
Dave Space57157
Pat McMahon58158
Matt Ziegler58158
Nick Ouellette5958258.5
Frank Gualtieri6059259.5

Gold DIV

Dan Yarbrough6160260.5
Bo Daullary6261261.5
Jerry Petrolito6165263
Dan Butterworth6067263.5

Silver DIV

Jim Davis66166
Jason Cawley6668267
Sean Kennedy6767267
Mike Dix69169

Bronze DIV

Jesse McGinniss70170
Jed Doclosen72172
Richard Mezger8166273.5
Rick Steelman74174

Copper DIV

Tin Cup DIV

Tony Luciano80180
Number of players 16 19
Indicates eligible for end of season payout.     Indicates dropped score     Archived League Scores