Player Name WK1 WK2 WK3 WK4 WK5 WK6 WK7 WK8 WK9 WK10 WKS AVG

Platinum DIV

Lou Garcia5654255
Cory Winant57157
Sam Holaday56596059458.5

Gold DIV

Jevin Torres696665366.66
Dan Butterworth67167

Silver DIV

Dave Kaminski68168
Ronnie Denig69169
Matt Ziegler72707368470.75
Glenn Guadagnini7174272.5

Bronze DIV

Nick DeMarco75737372473.25

Copper DIV

John Burke8176278.5
Tyler Kayes79179
Rick Steelman7883280.5

Tin Cup DIV

Josh Stetz8684285
Vinny Iacovelli90190
Nicky DeMarco107109983104.6
Number of players 9 11 6 8
Indicates eligible for end of season payout.     Indicates dropped score     Archived League Scores