Mid-Point Spring/Summer League Info.

Official OCPDGC league information.
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Mid-Point Spring/Summer League Info.

Postby Ramsfan1 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 10:24 am

Central Jersey Disc Golf's (Delayed) Spring league at OCP and Summer League at Thompson have been very successful thus far. This is due to record turnouts we are getting from both newer players and veteran players who are looking for a safe activity during these times of COVID. We appreciate all the support from everyone who has played. Some reminders for you:

1. Lou Garcia runs Thompson League. He is the point man for questions about League structure or scores. Frank receives scores from Lou and then posts them on this site on Mondays. Today, July 17th is week 5 and will be the last week of the current layout. A different layout will be announced next week for weeks 6-10. WE WILL STILL RUN THOMPSON LEAGUE the weekend of the Horizon Cup; league tee off days will be Friday and Saturday, NOT Sunday due to the tournament.

2. Frank Gualtieri runs the OCP League. He is the point man for questions about structure or scores. Player scores from Thursday are usually posted the next morning. Next week (week 6) will be the last week of the current layout and we will switch a couple holes for weeks 7-8. As we advance further into League play, information about payout will be shared. Tee off time next week will be extended a bit later due to the park closing at 8:00; we will post an exact arrival time early next week.

We hope everyone is having fun and look forward to a great 2nd half!

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