Various course plans for 2020

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Various course plans for 2020

Postby Ramsfan1 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:07 pm

We are often asked about a variety of things involving the courses we help maintain. Here are a few plans and/or updates:

Allaire: We continue to develop hole 8 as having a par 5 option. We're also discussing the possibility of moving the current basket sleeve to a true par 3 placement, meaning the hole will have both a par 3 and a par 5 position. We must still tweak a few things and sink a sleeve. We plan to have this in place prior to The Carl Cubbedge Classic in April. We're also determining the viability of putting stairs leading down the slope in front of the hole 2 tee pad. Fairway grooming is ongoing as always.

Joe Palaia Park: The Club is weighing several options involving holes 7 and 16. The park is concerned with the current hole 7 throwing route being over a main walkway and will require a re-design by us. And hole 16 now has permanent parking barriers installed along the right side of the fairway, an unexpected development which at the very least will necessitate re-positioning of the current basket. We have some definite plans for each of these situations and will share specifics in the near future. A kiosk should be installed in the spring. And we hope to have permanent signs at all holes by the beginning of summer.

OCP: We would like to utilize a couple of the current alternates more in tournaments. Holes 9 and 17 have already had pavers installed on alternate tees and we're examining the possibility of doing the same for 2-3 other holes.

Thompson: We have so far been unsuccessful in our attempts to persuade the park to transition to paver tee pads. Efforts are ongoing. In late spring, we plan to address a couple of areas (holes 7-9) impacted by the storm last spring.

Feel free to ask us about any future plans if you see a club member in your travels!

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