Scoring during tournaments

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Scoring during tournaments

Postby Ramsfan1 » Tue May 21, 2019 8:24 am

In light of a couple of issues which have arisen in recent tournaments, I feel an obligation to inform and/or remind tournament players about scoring practices during a sanctioned event:

1) IT IS EVERY PLAYER'S RESPONSIBILITY to check and verify the accuracy of their own score following a round. It is nobody's fault but their own if they submit an incorrect score. Do not rely on a friend to get it right; EVERY PLAYER on the card should review it at the end of their round. Double and triple check it if necessary. A two-stroke penalty will be assessed to any player whose submitted score is wrong. This is a PDGA rule and will be enforced by anyone who runs an event.

2) It is expected that everyone in a playing group share scoring responsibilities. Each player usually does it for 4-5 holes and passes it to the next player. If one group member is willing to be scorer for the round, that is fine provided all within the group are OK with that.

3) The scorecard you were given at the players' meeting is the official scorecard; not U-disc or any personal card you may have. All scores must be submitted on the card you were given.

4) The submitted card must be NEAT. Numbers should be written clearly. Your first name AND first initial of your last name should be on the card, no nicknames or first names only. This prevents confusion and inaccuracies when tallying the scores.

And finally, the TD is the person in charge of the event. He/She establishes the rules and makes the calls. When necessary, they will communicate with the Asst. TD or a club member/certified official for guidance. Their ruling is final.

Just wanted to convey these items so all players have a clear understanding of rules and procedures. Please contact Frank, Lou, Dave or another veteran player if you have questions or concerns about any or all of the above!

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