Allaire Improvements

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Allaire Improvements

Postby Ramsfan1 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:57 am

We are continuing to work hard at upgrading the experience at the Allaire Disc Golf Course. Among the projects, both old and new:

1) We are nearly complete with the hole 6 walkway. Nearly 200 feet of boardwalk was laid down to help our players prevent soggy feet on the oversaturated fairway. This should be complete by the weekend!

2) We are building a set of stairs beyond the hole 9 basket. Players who overthrow their discs will be encouraged to use these stairs instead of trudging down the hill. This will help prevent erosion and add a nice feature to the course.

3) An added fairway has been added to hole 12. People who throw short off the tee will have the ability to take an inside line to the basket. We feel this makes the hole more appealing while not diminishing its challenge.

4) Hole 14 has been cleaned up. Dead trees have been cut and the fairway and surrounding areas lined with logs. A large tree was removed from the end of the fairway, This will reward a good shot off the tee by making the disc's natural left turn more able to travel towards the basket.

5) The last 1/3 of the hole 13 fairway has been widened.

Plans are to bring some wood chips and soil to back portions of the course that need attention. And we will continue to remove dead trees, shape fairways and make the course as nice as possible. As always, we thank those that support our efforts!

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