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Work Days/Player Help

Postby Ramsfan1 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:18 am

Disc golf is growing in the region. We now have many playing options in the area, including courses Central Jersey Disc Golf helps maintain (Allaire, Joe Palaia, OCP, Thompson), Wolf Hill (Maintained by Stephen Mitchell, Josh Valerio and others), and Mercer County Park (Sean Howard, Rob Girard and the Mercer Crew). These people have taken it upon themselves to establish courses and have taken ownership in their care. Tremendous sacrifice is involved, and everyone who plays the sport has benefitted from their efforts.

Help from others is always needed and appreciated. If you're one of those guys who only wants to play, consider lending a hand once in awhile. Don't be the guy who says "someone else will take care of it". We ALL have families and lives outside the sport. Workdays for area courses are posted here and on various Face Book pages. Giving a couple hours of your time once or twice a month goes a long way.

Moreover, picking up sticks and trash can always be done while you are playing and requires very little extra effort. It is not glamorous work but is essential to the care and cleanliness of the course. Both OCP and Allaire have bag stations at their first tees. Grab a bag and fill it up!

Feel free to contact Frank or anyone else who runs area courses for upcoming workdays. Your assistance is much appreciated!.

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