PDGA Tournaments- TD Discretionary Items

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PDGA Tournaments- TD Discretionary Items

Postby Ramsfan1 » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:22 pm

Running a PDGA-sanctioned event is hard work. Ask anyone who has done it. Ask guys like Adam Harris or John Birkrem, who run multiple events each year. There is tremendous time and effort invested by multiple people when running a tournament- everything from paperwork to determining payouts to course preparation to setting up. It can be both challenging and stressful.

Though a good TD or Club will always try to be player-friendly and accommodating, it's important players recognize the following:

1. A Tournament Director or "TD" has sole discretion in running an event.Though certain procedures must be followed and certain criteria met to satisfy the PDGA, the TD runs the show. Sometimes an Assistant TD is listed to help coordinate the event.

2. If they wish, A TD can group players of various divisions together in the first round of a tournament. There is nothing that says all divisions must play together for the entire day. Several players at various in-state events the last couple years have inappropriately challenged this. Expressing displeasure with your first round playing group is considered bad form.

3. A TD can run however many divisions they wish. PDGA rules suggest having 4 players to run a division, although many times 3 is sufficient. To encourage participation, the rule is often relaxed for female players and age protected divisions which draw small numbers. However, a TD has the right to tell a player they must play in another division if their division of choice does not have the minimum number required.

4. Pre-registration for tournaments is sincerely appreciated and makes the TD's job easier. While it is understandable that players sometimes wish to check weather before they make a time and travel commitment, one shouldn't make a habit of waiting until the last minute to commit to an event. It only adds to the work a TD must perform the day of the tournament.

Please feel free to ask me or any veteran player or TD for clarification on any rule regarding tournament play!

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