Delta Cart, Bullseye Basket, Other Items

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Delta Cart, Bullseye Basket, Other Items

Postby Ramsfan1 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:21 pm

As I am streamlining my disc golf paraphernalia, I am selling the following cool items and giving away a couple of others:

1. Delta Cart- This has been used only about a dozen times. Near mint condition. Metallic Blue color. No "add-ons", just the basic cart w/handle and rain cover. I am asking $175. I do not wish to negotiate price; this is a $415 item!! A steal!!

2. Gateway Bulls Eye Basket- This is the basket used to perfect your putting that has the chains tightly grouped together. Excellent condition, fully assembled. It can be unscrewed into a two-piece unit for easy transport. Asking $125.

3. I have three used disc golf bags which I will give away FREE- preferably to a player new to the sport.
- a PDGA beginner bag- lightweight, excellent condition, holds 6-8 discs
- a FADE tournament bag- blue, decent shape, holds up to 20 discs,
- an INNOVA standard carry bag- black, decent shape, holds up to 12 discs

Contact Frank if interested- I can meet you at OCP, Allaire or Thompson Park at a mutually convenient time!

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