Lost Yellow Tee-Bird

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Lost Yellow Tee-Bird

Postby ItsBradford » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:18 am

I played late on Thursday (4/6/17) after all the rain. I somehow misplaced my yellow tee-bird fairway driver. Unfortunately, it does not have my name or phone number on it. I only played through hole 12 and then cut across through the picnic area. I assume I must have lost it towards the end because I did not notice until I tried to play up north yesterday. I tried to walk back from hole 12 yesterday (4/7/17), but I did not see it. It is not a high-quality disc, as I got it in my starter pack, but it was useful as my only fairway driver. Please contact if found:

Brad Wright
(973) 953-0996


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