NJ States-Mighty Gaw event issue

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NJ States-Mighty Gaw event issue

Postby Ramsfan1 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:15 am

A conflict exists between the running of the NJ States and The Mighty Gaw the weekend of May 11th. This has been documented for 4 MONTHS.This post is to set the record straight and hopefully put to rest the fountain of misinformation that has been spread on Face book and elsewhere.

Since late last year, Adam Harris and Matt LaCourte planned to run the NJ State Championships at Camp Tecumseh- a venue which offered only 3 potential dates in May. Since Adam is getting married on the 18th, that limited options even further. Braxton Showalter, TD of the Mighty Gaw, was only able to run his event on Sat. May 11th- he had NO other dates he was available to do so. This is the same date that States and the NJ Hall of Fame Ceremony were to be run. I spoke to Braxton personally, and encouraged him to speak directly to Adam/Matt to try and accommodate each other. Feeling each event would sell out and/or draw a big number of players, each TD decided to run their events simultaneously. As State Scheduling Coordinator, I accepted their agreement and approved the date. It's as simple as that.

In a group email dated December 2nd, I sent the 2019 schedule to 18 state TDs and select recipients, later inviting anyone who wished to view a Google Calendar of events that had been set up. On that email were three Skylands group members. I received no push back on this and people had ample time to convey their concerns or propose alternatives. Instead, 4 MONTHS LATER the day before registration, a litany of insults, blame and accusations were posted by various people who are ill-informed and looking out for their own self interests. It poorly reflects on the individuals involved as well as the disc golf community. This is not an ideal situation, but one which was agreed to given the circumstances by the principal TDs involved. I did not want to be heavy-handed and issue a directive to either party to change their dates if they were satisfied with things as is.

People must understand that the days of NJ having 6-8 event dates and scheduling being done informally are over. I've had 30 REQUESTS for tournament dates since Oct. 2018. These all have to be coordinated not just in-state but with Mike Solt, Lehigh Valley Disc Golf, Bucks County, Delaware and NY. It is not easy. With the growth of the sport and 12 eighteen-hole courses installed the past 7 years, conflict is inevitable. People need to evolve with the sport and realize their club or course is not the only game in town.

No one set out to hurt anyone here. I genuinely feel bad that this has created a division between some players. I myself would like to play both events. That said, people need to maintain perspective. At the end of the day, THIS SPORT IS RECREATION. While everyone has the right to an opinion, NO ONE has the right to demean or denigrate the handful of people who do the lion's share of the work in this state to make it possible for people to play on nice courses and to compete in leagues or tournaments.

I will gladly discuss this or any other disc golf issue with anyone who texts, calls or emails me and does so respectfully. They will be given that same respect. Thank you for reading.

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