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Playing OCP League

Postby Ramsfan1 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:19 pm

Hello, all- Attendance at League the last few weekends and especially this past Sunday ( a nice day) has been a bit disappointing. Family obligations and work sometimes conflict, and I completely understand this. But I also hear that some are less inclined to play if they will not qualify for payout. I would respectfully suggest everyone examine the bigger picture: WHEN YOU PLAY LEAGUE, YOU SUPPORT THE COURSE while hopefully having a fun time with friends. Three of the Five dollars each player gives goes right to the course account. Our Fall and Spring Leagues are the course's biggest fundraisers. NEARLY EVERYTHING you see at the course was bought with club funds: most of the baskets, sign posts, tee box wood, pavers, "next tee" signs, the hole 1 kiosk, hardware and tools. Without the generosity and support of our players, none of this would be possible. I have tried very hard to schedule League around cross country events and the many area tournaments we all would like to play. And I have dedicated 15 weeks of my fall/winter to be there each weekend. Chip did the same for Spring League.

EVERY INDIVIDUAL who has played at least one week of League will receive (or has received) a custom lanyard for their participation. These were not cheap. And EVERY INDIVIDUAL who has played league this season will be invited to the end-of-season league party. I, Frank, spring for this and am happy to do so. NOT ONE DIME of league money is spent.

I have publicly and privately given sincere thanks to the many people that have contributed to our fine course and will continue to do so. And I have tried to make sure the course does not become stale. We have moved a basket or two. We've tweaked a couple things. There are plans to put in bag poles in the very near future. We plan to add a paver tee pad or two. No one is resting on their laurels.

Next year, we will more than likely change up a couple things with League to make it a more favorable situation for great attendance throughout the season. With more and more playing options, it's difficult. I have received and will continue to seek feedback from our loyal players to reach this goal. In the meantime, a great turnout for our remaining two weeks of League play- Sat. Dec. 10th and Sat. Dec. 17th would be appreciated!

I thank all for their continued dedication to OCP and support to the growth of disc golf in NJ!


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