Disc Dive Retrieval

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Disc Dive Retrieval

Postby Ramsfan1 » Wed May 29, 2019 12:11 pm

Hi everyone- wanted to inform you about the procedures we follow when going into the lake for discs and to clear up a couple things;

We go into the lake 3-4 times a year to retrieve lost discs. Bo Daullary, one of our club members does this at my (Frank's) urging and as a labor of love. We do not take personal requests and will not go in more frequently because there is risk involved (unseen debris and creatures in murky water) and because we need special permission to go in. Entering the water is normally prohibited from that side of the lake.

As discs are found, Bo throws them to me, and I immediately text the owner if contact info. is seen on the disc. I PERSONALLY TEXT every single owner of a lost disc I find in the lake or elsewhere at our courses. If you have not received a text from me, I have either not found your disc or you had no contact info. on the disc. There is no need to ask on Face Book or anywhere else "if I have your disc". Again, if you haven't gotten a text, the disc is not in my possession.

We STRONGLY URGE all players to put a cell # or email on the bottom of your disc in case the disc is lost. This is especially important if you play holes where disc loss is a distinct possibility.

To inquire about a disc with no name on it, contact Frank via text, email or PM thru this website. Club members Lou Garcia, Dave Kaminski and Chip Adams can also be contacted if you have difficulty reaching me. We will always strive to return lost discs to our players!

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