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Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:55 pm
by Ramsfan1
It is my pleasure to announce the running of our new website that will handle all business specific to Ocean County park Disc Golf Course. It is the creation of Dave Space, one of our members, who after collaborating with me set up this awesome site! We all owe him a tremendous thank you for such an outstanding creation.

People are invited to set up a free password and user name and log into the forum to discuss various topics under the current listed headings. Additional headings may be added at a later date. There are email addresses listed for Frank, Chip, Mike, Cubby and webmaster Dave if you wish to personally contact them regarding private business.

There are a couple of basic ground rules to use this site. The first is that respect and civility must be shown at all times. While opinions and discussion are welcome, hostility and disrespect are not. Arguing, bad-mouthing or other drama will not be dealt with here, and repercussions will be swift and immediate. This is not Face Book or a place to air personal grievances. Most of our members have been wonderful, and I am confident things will run smoothly.

And second, webmaster Dave will not honor personal requests to post personal things. He simply serves as the site host and moderator. To maintain his sanity and to avoid headaches, he will only answer questions about the site itself. I will be the only one from whom Dave receives information on requested postings. If there's something you'd like posted, join the site and post!!

I hope everyone likes the site and continues to enjoy the course, which is continually evolving and improving. The best is yet to come!!